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Africa - Reunion 2013 (Episode 1)

Check out these happy, smiling Tones singing their hearts out to a packed, Finney Chapel audience at the 2013 Reunion.  Don't you want to be a part of this?

Hey Ya - Reunion 2015 (Episode 2)

Crazy Love - Reunion 2017

Very smooth sound!

Look what you missed by not being at the 2015 Reunion. You really should be a part of the next Reunion.

Reunion 2013 Kickoff Party

Music Videos

The Kickoff Party from the 2013 Reunion was a great experience for both current Tones and Tones Alumni.

Backstreet Boys Medley - Reunion 2015

Too much fun in front of Mudd.

I Need to Know - Reunion 2015

Can't groove any better than this.

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