Ok.  So this is going to be big.  Really big.  Bigger than Tones Reunions (Episode 1 & 2) which were big.


How big?


Well, it's so big that we had to move it to the Big Apple!  New York City, baby!


Top 10 reasons to Attend the Tones Reunion 2019 (Episode IV)


  1. It's not Oberlin. It's NEW YORK. 'Nuff said.

  2. Jake Elsas didn't get to wear his sumo outfit at the last reunion.

  3. Chad Putka hasn't stopped smiling in two years since the last reunion. Neither has David Ehrenstein.  Really.  That's saying a lot, too.

  4. You get to sing different Tones arrangements in NYC in front of a sold-out audience starved for quality a cappella entertainment (too bad that they'll get us).

  5. Matt Hubbard's hair is longer.

  6. There may be beer there.  And pizza.  And more beer.

  7. Nolan Williams is the epitome of cool. So is Charlie Dolph.

  8. Niels Bantilian has new, smooth dance moves to try out.

  9. Jake really did bring a sumo outfit to a reunion.

  10. PARTY  (Did we mention that there may be beer there?)