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FAQ - Reunion 2019

Aren't we hip? Here's our little FAQ.


Are we singing in public?

Hell yes.


We will be singing in the a cappella show in Finney Chapel.  At the last reunion, we sang in front of a sold-out audience of 1,300.

What are the dates of the Tones Reunion?

The Tones Reunion will be taking place to coincide with the end of the current Tones Spring Break Tour in NYC. The dates are March 29, 2019 (Friday) - March 2`, 2019 (Sunday).


Your personal recovery time may extend beyond these dates. ;-)

When will the detailed schedule be announced?

Soon.  We're working on it.


Will I receive the music in advance so that I can learn it?

What?  You mean you still haven't memorized your part after all these years?


Well, just in case, we'll be providing PDF's of the arrangements in advance on this website.  We also hope to have recordings made available in order to help you.


Chad is also volunteering to travel to each of your individual locations around the globe in order to teach you your part.  (Well, maybe not.)

What are we singing?

We plan on singing between 3 - 5 songs from the various eras of the Obertones.

Who chooses which arrangements we are singing?

The music is chosen by the Tones College of Cardinals, which is a mysterious order of the Tones.


They will announce the selections soon.  The announcement will be accompanied by the traditional white chimney smoke.

What if I like to argue about who should sing which solo?

Take it up with Chad.

I haven't sung for many years and I'm afraid that I won't sound good.

Is that a question?


Don't worry.  We'll put you next to Jake and you'll sound great.


Any chance that someone wants to carpool from my area?

There is probably a very high probability that Tones will be carpooling or caravaning from various areas (e.g., New York City,  Washington, D.C., Mars)


The best way to coordinate this is to post something on our Facebook group to see if anyone else is interested:


Why haven't the Obertones created a world headquarters building large enough to house everyone?

We're working on it.

Jake Elsas

Why is there a Jake Elsas category in the FAQ?

Well, we've been getting questions about Jake for a very long time.

Will Jake Elsas be up to his usual antics at this Reunion?

Of course.

Will Jake really be wearing a sumo suit?


Will I get a chance to make fun of Jake?



Why do you think we're having the Reunion?

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